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See Your Business Through a New Lens: How a Simple Installation Can Save Lives and Money


The construction industry has been thrust into the age of instant gratification and data, making it difficult to discern which technology to integrate. However, in a world where everything revolves around smartphones and tech gadgets, dash cameras are one must-have system that can be beneficial to the construction industry.

Whether your main goal is to protect yourself in an accident, eliminate fraud attempts on your business, keep your drivers accountable, or reduce your insurance premium, equipping your fleet vehicles with dash cams is a worthwhile investment.

1. Keep drivers accountable.
A little bit of extra accountability from monitoring drivers can help save lives. The National Safety Council reports there are 1.6 million crashes per year from cellphone-distracted driving. Sometimes, it’s so mindless for drivers to pick up their cellphone to check it even while driving, but having the dash cam in the vehicle is a visual reminder to stay focused on the road.

2. Dash cams reduce insurance disputes.
Insurance claims can be processed very slowly after an accident where the cause is unclear. This can take lengthy periods of time while the insurance company requests statements from drivers, passengers, and witnesses. A dash cam video of what happened can speed up the evidence-collection process and lead to a faster payout from your insurer.

3. They protect companies and drivers from no fault accidents.
While dash cams can’t prevent accidents alone, they help when you’ve been in one. They eliminate the he said/she said accusations and help evaluators get right to the facts, saving time and valuable resources.

Recently, there has been a great deal of reporting on scammers that exploit states with no-fault auto insurance. Under this system, anyone in a car accident is entitled to insurance payment for damages, and the government generally will not get involved in determining who is at fault. Oftentimes, scammers will be paid quick cash after an accident and sign numerous forms for types of bogus ailments. Scammers can target fleet vehicles knowing fleets are more likely to be insured. If a fleet can capture the accident on a dash cam, it is often able to show that the accident was staged.

4. Accidents were reduced by 42% in fleets with dash cams, according to a study by NHTSA.

“Safety first” is a popular motto in the construction industry. Take it to the next level by adding the safety factor to transportation to and from job sites. With one added product, companies not only see an increase in good driving behavior from their employees, but also experience lowered fuel costs due to reduced unauthorized vehicle use and increased accountability. Ultimately, those companies can stress less about the safety and efficiency of their fleets and focus more time and energy on what they do best.

Dash cams are an added piece of equipment that have been proven to reduce accidents, simply because of the added sense of responsibility given to the drivers when they know they’re being recorded. To lower chances of an accident by almost 50% is huge and so worth the investment.



Zachary Ridner is the Director of Business Development for Fleet IQ. Fleet IQ is an ABC member and a Houston-based company providing comprehensive GPS solutions for both motor vehicles and equipment. Contact Zac at 713.702.6486 or Zachary@fleetIQ.com.


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