CMEF Performance Evaluators Broaden Their Skills

Two performance evaluators at Construction and Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF) enhanced their skills by adding another certification to their credentials.


CMEF Performance Evaluator Richard Bolt

New OSHA guidelines require any construction professional who “touches a rig” to be certified by 2017, meaning CMEF will be assessing people “all day, every day.” Performance Evaluator Richard Bolt prepared for these new requirements by receiving his certification as an Advanced Rigger. The certification will allow him to assess other’s skills in rigging to qualify them for their certification.

“Our participating companies and contributors are following the new guidelines for 2017, many of the companies are being proactive,” Bolt said. “They’re using a best practices type of scenario.”

zach small

CMEF Performance Evaluator Zachary Burgoon

Performance Evaluator Zachary Burgoon, having already obtained his advanced rigging certification, received his pipeline and gas stations specialty certification. Burgoon said the reason he sought out this specialized certification was because there is overlap in his current knowledge of pipefitting and other field areas.

“If you already have that knowledge, then why not? You learn in the pipeline certification process specifically how to address DOT safety and OSHA regulations. And there are slightly different regulations in this field of work because it’s usually occurs off-site,” Burgoon said.

After successfully acquiring their certifications, Bolt continues to examine rigging skills day-in and day-out. Bolt said “it’s crazy how many people have been rigging for a long time, come in, and then not pass their assessment. They need to brush up on their terminology, and we’re here to help.”

OSHA’s deadline for rigging certifications means Training Contributors and companies in the area will be turning to CMEF for their certification. Bolt’s certification helps address a growing demand in the area; Training Contributors’ employees would not be assessed because if there are not enough advanced riggers, like Bolt, to assess them, the need would go unmet.


CMEF Performance Verification Center

Performance evaluators obtaining new certifications illustrate CMEF’s commitment to safe practices and training knowledge in an ever evolving industry. Bolt and Burgoon stay knowledgeable of the latest technological advances and regulatory activities affecting the industry, and have committed to ongoing education in order to maintain their certification. Because safety regulations and industry standards are continually changing, the ongoing education requirement is vital to maintaining a legitimate training program.


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