CMEF Master Trainer adds another certification to his credentials

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williamConstruction and Maintenance Education Foundation’s (CMEF) William Fuller is a “Master,” a Master Trainer to be precise, which means Fuller is certified to oversee and certify NCCER Craft Instructors. And Fuller’s at it again, adding an OSHA 500 certification to his “tool belt” of credentials. Master Trainer Fuller earned his certification in an OSHA 500 course specifically for the construction industry.  This most recent addition to his credentials allows him to teach construction professionals OSHA 10- and 30-hour courses.

“I took the holistic approach to my OSHA 500 certification,” Fuller said. “I already have my general industry certification, but I wanted to provide good, solid training to meet the needs of those in the construction industry. This certification means I can meet the needs of a different set of construction professionals, expanding CMEF’s reach.”

Fuller said the certification provides individuals who “build something from nothing” and “those who go from jobsite to jobsite creating” guidance in how to avoid hazardous pitfalls on a worksite. There are different certifications for different industries, so an instructor must become knowledgeable of the standards for each field. Fuller is also certified to teach Construction Site Safety Technician courses, providing a well-rounded education to all who enter Fuller’s classroom.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that the “course is designed for individuals interested in teaching the 10- and 30-hour construction safety and health Outreach Training Program to their employees and other interested groups. Using OSHA Construction Standards as a guide, special emphasis is placed on those topics required in the 10- and 30-hour programs as well as those which are most hazardous. Students are briefed on effective instructional approaches and use of visual aids and handouts.”


Fuller teaching at CMEF’s Construction Career Expo in May.

“A student will receive a well-rounded education. All types of students in different crafts, industry and fields can continue to turn to CMEF. The certification expands CMEF’s services, in addition to adding credibility to the foundation,” Fuller said.

When asked if he enjoyed his “Master” title, Fuller matter-of-factly stated that it is simply the title granted to NCCER-certified instructors – a humble approach from a Master.


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