Amid Labor Shortage, Nonprofit Teaches Commercial Construction Companies How to Train Their Workforce

HOUSTON – Construction Career Collaborative (C3), a 501c3 in Houston, announced on January 30 the launch of the Craft Training Endorsement Program that awards commercial construction companies with one of three endorsement levels for targeted commercial construction skilled craft training programs.

“The construction industry must deliver strong craft training programs connected to career paths in order to create a sustainable workforce built on well-trained and safe craft professionals,” said Jim Stevenson, President of McCarthy Building Companies and Chairman of the Board at C3.

The Craft Training Endorsement Program is a rigorous standard that measures a company’s craft training program against a training framework. The endorsement that offers three levels of recognition, is achieved through the development, implementation and evaluation of robust craft training connected to career paths for craft professionals. Launching in 2018, C3’s Craft Training Endorsement Program provides recognition to world-class commercial construction firms that have documented and implemented training programs that,

• Demonstrate corporate leadership commitment to the development of craft workers

• Implement craft training programs for all craft workers

• Establish a more sustainable workforce through craft training connected to career paths.

C3’s Craft Training Endorsement Program offers 3 levels of endorsement and a professional coaching program for those who are just beginning to design training programs. The levels show progression from rudimentary to mature craft training programs and companies are encouraged to achieve higher levels of endorsement as their skilled craft training programs progress. The levels describe companies at varying stages of development:

• Pre-program – companies that currently don’t offer craft training but are committed to creating programs to advance their craft professionals.

• Recognized – companies that offer craft training and are working toward creation of career paths for all crafts.

• Leader – companies that provide training and career paths for all crafts.

• Champion – companies that provide training and career paths for all crafts and work to advance craft training in the industry.

The Craft Training Endorsement Program follows a standard certification process that allows a company to self-assess their current state and then apply for endorsement at the desired level by submitting the application and undergoing a thorough C3 audit of the training program. When a company joins the program, they are afforded professional learning and development coaching services.  Any company wanting to design, develop or alter training programs can work with a C3 professional coach to identify gaps, design frameworks, layout implementation plans or develop curriculum.  All coaching services are complementary to companies enrolled in the program.

For additional information regarding the Craft Training Endorsement Program please contact Angela Murphy, People Development Program Manager at Construction Career Collaborative (C3) at 713.999.1032 or


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