ABC Talks the Importance of Voter Turnout on December 12

“Houstonians have a clear choice in this mayoral election…”

268,872 Houstonians voted for the next mayor of Houston on November 3rd, 2015. Comparatively, 174,620 votes were cast in the 2013 election where current Mayor Annise Parker won re-election in her second term. What explains the sudden increase in turn out? Four words—Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Top-heavy ballots are a common trend amongst all elections, but not many elections have seen a top and bottom heavy ballot. More than 80,000 voters who went to the polls cast a vote for mayor, decided to skip all the council races, and vote on Prop 1 at the bottom of the ballot. This phenomenon caused HERO to have a major impact on the race for mayor.
Sylvester Turner led all candidates with 34% of the vote followed by Bill King with 26%. Both these candidates will face each other in the December 12 runoff. Following the general elections and the mayoral forum hosted on November 13, ABC chose to endorse candidate .

“Bill stands for free enterprise principles and will help Houston’s businesses grow by balancing the budget and providing the basic city services that lead to economic growth,” said ABC-PAC (Political Action Committee) Chairman Brandon Mabile of Performance Contractors. “He has articulated a clear position on the most important issues to ABC members — including permit processing reform, issuing bonds as opposed to the failed ‘pay-as-you-go’ model for funding Houston’s infrastructure improvements, and finally addressing pension and budget challenges that threaten Houston’s future.”

In his comments at the ABC mayoral forum King said, “Houstonians have a clear choice in this mayoral election between a career politician who wants to keep kicking the can down the road on our pension challenges, and a businessman who wants to address them once and for all — like you guys in the private sector did decades ago.”

The key to the mayoral runoff will be turning out the vote. It will be a much different group at the polls without HERO on the ballot. It is tempting to redistribute the votes of the other mayoral candidates to King and Turner, but the new turnout will be too different for it to be meaningful.

Please see all the ABC endorsed candidates here!



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