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Promote your business to over 14,000* construction professionals in Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Build Houston Magazine offers a variety of advertising options for you to deliver your message to commercial and industrial construction professionals, from Owners, Developers, Architects and Engineers to General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Suppliers and Professional Associates. All of our packages include FULL COLOR at no additional charge! Build Houston Magazine is a bi-monthly, award-winning magazine for Commercial and Industrial Construction Professionals. A summary of the 2016 Editorial Calendar is provided below. REQUEST A MEDIA KIT WITH AD RATES HERE.

Top Five Reasons To Advertise in Build Houston Magazine:
  1. IDENTIFY: Advertising in ABC’s Build Houston Magazine lets industry professionals know you’re in business. It coveys your company name and the services and products you offer to decision makers in the diverse commercial and industrial construction industry.
  2. OUTREACH: The old motto of “You Build It, They Will Come” doesn’t apply to today’s busy professional. Staying front of mind in the decision making process is tantamount to success when customers are bombarded by thousands of messages each day.
  3. PROMOTE: What makes your company or product special? Don’t keep it a secret – advertising helps spread the message of the benefits you offer your prospective and current customers in the industry.
  4. CONSISTENCY: Consistent advertising yields the best results. A strong advertising campaign reassures your customers that you’re in business – to stay!
  5. INVEST: Advertising pays! Advertising is an investment in your business. What do Coke, McDonalds, and Ford have in common? They all have world-wide brand recognition but also understand the value of advertising and staying in front of their market, and they do so by advertising.
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April 2017


March 9, 2017

Focus: How Associations are Finding

Solutions to Improve the Construction Industry Image and

Promote the Construction Career Path

June 2017



May 5, 2017

Focus: Unique Programs and Benefits on the

Market to Promote Wellness on the Jobsite

August 2017


July 1, 2017

Focus: How Contractors are Using

Technology on the Jobsite, From Pre-Planning to Completion

October 2017


September 1, 2017

Focus: How Industry is Working Together to

Solve the Workforce Shortage Issue

December 2017



November 3, 2017

Focus: A Local and Statewide Analysis of the

Anticipated Construction Market in 2018 and Beyond

* Cover Feature Availability: Cover features are only available for ABC Member General or Specialty Contractors to feature project or company news on front cover with one full interior page for editorial. Call for pricing and availability.

In addition to display advertisements, we also offer:

  • Glued Inserts (take-aways)
  • Supplier and Professional Associate Spotlights
  • Special Focus Sections
  • Online Opportunities

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